September 11, 2017

sept eleven

50mm     ISO1250     f/2.8     1/160      6:42PM     9/11/17
She's 12 going on 13 and doing her own research for a volcano project.  And was in pajamas basically all day.  Yup, she's homeschooled alright. :)  It's kinda crazy to think that she still has 10 years before she's my age, but she's only got 2 inches to go my height.  She's growing up fast and has begun baking recently (thank you British Baking Show for influencing out waistlines).

Because I haven't been shooting much we don't have any pictures from this era of life except her myriad selfies on all of out phones.  That makes me sad.  She's growing up before my very eyes, and I want that to be in front of my lens at least a little.


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