September 7, 2017

sept seven

50mm     ISO1000     f/1.6     1/50     6:34PM     9/7/17
Good old fashioned fun.  And good old fashioned lessons in how to speak nicely to one another.  How to share.  How to be patient.  How to work together.

This particular lego project started as mine, but when someone asked if they could "help" the answer was always yes.  Soon we're all squeezed into one small space trying to recreate a garden and fountain out of legos.  And we're expressing our emotions rather loudly...apparently.  I love how all the bright colors all over the place are like the emotions that children wear on their sleeves.  But somehow we're learning to sort them out and be choosing to be content with our blues or looking at someone else's perspective before being jealous and taking what they have.  We're bringing every thought and emotion captive to Christ and living well -- as he designed us to.

#shootthemessy  #letthembekids

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