September 3, 2017

sept two

Tilt Shift Lens     ISO100     f/0.0     1/320   5:17PM    9/2/17
So we're walking towards the apple orchard and I let these two newlywed friends of mine walk on ahead.  I was messing with my new tilt-shift and missed the shot when they kissed, so I yelled at them to do it again.  Was it posed?  Yes.  Was it real?  Yes.  When telling a true story it is important to not make people do something they wouldn't normally do -- that's fake.  But it's ok to recreate a moment (when you've got the focus on your new lens almost right. :) )  This has the vibe of that NYC moment when WWII ended:  "The Kiss."  And I like it.  I like it a lot.

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