September 4, 2017

sept three

50mm     ISO250     f2.0     1/1250    5:58PM     9/3/17

 Sundays are rough for taking pictures.  They are "be" days, not "document" days.

So I went out and took some obligatory pictures.

Of flowers.

They were cool, but they didn't hit home (actually they were kinda lame).  They didn't tell a story.

So I brought the camera out at Bible Study (where Kevin and Celia were in town for just the day).

We took a group photo, and then it clicked that all three of my original pseudo-bros were now married (as of 2 months ago) and were all there with their wives!  So we took a group photo.

I was worried about being the annoying girl with the camera.

I didn't want to push things.  But I shot anyway.  Because, you know, the challenge, and, like, failing 3 days in, and wanting to push myself...   So I directed them and then relied on the group of other Bible study fan behind me to provide comic relief.  And I just shot everything.

Now we have amazing snapshots of Danny's sense of humor, and Christen's baby belly, and Celia's laugh, and Kevin's beard. . .This bit of time will never come back again.  It's a different season from when the guys were all around our table eating one-pot and talking theology, and another different season is on the way.  But this here and now is the gift of the present.

It totally beat the flower shot.

Uncomfortable?  #shootanyway  #shootthestory

Our actual shot

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