August 11, 2008

California Pioneer Series

     I stumbled upon the California Pioneer Series after my Mom bought the first four books at a garage sale.  Thanks Mom!  I really like them!  My mom always finds the best stuff at garage sales.  They are a fictional series about the Talbot family or their relations, and how they get to California Territory, starting in 1848.  They end up stuck in the middle of the gold rush, and try to share the gospel.  Some come in covered wagon, others across the Isthmus of Panama, and others around the "Horn"  of South America, they all get to California.  In almost all the books someone gets saved.  I believe the author, Elaine Schulte is a Christian.  To the left is the cover of the first book, The Journey West.  There are actually 6 books in the series, the last two I just ordered on ebay, I can't wait for them to arrive.  The books in order are: The Journey West, Golden Dreams, Eternal Passage, With Wings as eagles, Peace like a River, and Mercies so Tender.  They are really good books, and I would recommend them.

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