August 26, 2008


     Have you ever had to use them?  They are very troublesome, especially if they are two inches to big.  Even so, I am thankful for them.  If I didn't have them I would be in a lot of pain.  On Friday, I went to the doctors office.  While there I had seven plantar warts treated with some sort of molasses colored goo.  The doctor, (who is a very nice gentlemen)did not mention any pain, he just said, "It may blister tonight...".  It has blistered.  The blisters are very big.  These quarter size blistered hurt tremendously.  Little stubborn Jo-snazz does not, can not swallow pills, she just gags on them.  Jo-snazz actually asked for a Tylenol, and swallowed it, that should give you an idea of the pain.
     So recently, I have been using crutches to stable me as I hobble along on my heels(the only part I can put weight on without pain).  I had to bring them to the chapel, I had to bring them to co-op, I am tired of using them.  Let's see, I was asked 1..2.. no, probably 20 times what I did, or, "What happened to you?".  I do believe I looked very silly.  What a way to start the school year!  Do you think the blisters will be gone by Friday?
    Well, at least I learned how to swallow pills!

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  1. Poor Jo!!! I know exactly what you're talking about. When I was seven, I had the same treatment, only it was, ahem, on my derrière. :) It blistered. Oy. I was still in public school at the time, and it blistered while I was there. Sitting was awful. Then it would go numb until I stood up. Then it was awful again. Then it would start to feel better until I had to return to my seat. Then it was awful... I wanted to cry, but I knew I'd be teased mercilessly, so I spent the afternoon squeezing back the tears until I could go home.

    And I've had crutches, too. I broke my foot my sophomore year in college (ballet injury). I got all over campus on them. Thankfully, I was still at a small community college at that point. Crutches can be exhausting!