August 23, 2008

My first ride in a Limousine...

Was very fun. I invited my two best friends, two of my brothers, and their best friend. On Monday morning my friends arrived. Tuesday morning we planned what to wear. My friends did not know about our adventure until they arrived, and so they didn't bring anything special. I had a nice blue gown for Irene, and I would wear my mom's black dress, but I didn't have anything that would fit Grace. So, we went down to the neighbors. Mrs. B is very nice, she also has a store on ebay where she sells vintage clothing. I thought she might have some things, and I was right. She had lots of dresses, but none of them fit, so she took us shopping. We stopped at the Mission Mart, Thrifty Boutique, and Good Will. We didn't find anything at the first two stores, (though there were a lot of nice dresses at Thrifty Boutique, I will probably go back) but Good Will, was on the way home, so, discouraged we went in. There was one periwinkle dress. Grace put it on and it fit perfectly, and, it was only $5.00! Now everyone had a dress. Next we took showers and did our hair. Finally it was time to leave. We grabbed shawls and hopped in the car with the family, off to the library we go! After a 15 minute wait in the car, the chaperone, named Heather, came out and we got into the Limousine. Tony was our driver. So off to Pizza Hut we went. And we had a lovely pizza dinner...not exactly! We arrived at Pizza Hut, but there were no tables! We would have to go somewhere else, we looked at the options, and decided on Chiles. En-route, I said something funny, and Irene, who was drinking pepsi in a champane glass, promptly spit it out all over her dress. I was sitting to her right, and she was so surprised at herself and still laughing so hard that she just said, "uh-oh!" and tipped her glass over on me! Thankfully there was paper towel there(probably for that reason) and we laughingly cleaned it up. The boys at the other end of the limo were laughing hysterically. Thankfully both of our dresses were very dark and now stain showed. It was a very nice dinner. Afterwards we went to get ice cream at DQ Grill and Chill. Later, after thanking the Limo driver and our Chaperone, we got back into our 15 passenger van, and headed for home. Then to a car passing by it would seem like everyone in the car had gone crazy. There would have been kids screaming and clapping their hands and jumping up and down in their seats. Mrs. M (Grace, Irene, and Taylor's Mom) told us that since our free movie didn't work out she had bought Enchanted at Walmart and we were going to watch it when we got home! We were SO happy. (and loud, it was after 10:30 and Emily had fallen asleep, we woke her up.) It was actually much more fun to watch in our PJ's anyway! We finally fell asleep at 1:30.
Irene drying her hair,
Irene with her curlers in,
Grace with my mom,
The three musketeers,
Grace, Irene, and I

Right before the Pepsi accident,
Clean up,

Pepsi, glasses, and the paper towel we used,
Tony the driver,
Mrs. Morell and the Organizing Mommy (Check out my mom's blog, she is going to interview Mrs. Morell on time management!)
Heather, the chaperone,