October 2, 2008

My 50th post!

So, here is an update on school.
1. Write with the best
Ok, we had an assignment last week to write a descriptive paragraph on a person that we had to make up.  I had some fun with it and named my old gentleman Professor Piersol.  This assignment wasn't hard because I like to make up characters, but then My teacher read it in front of the class!  I guess this is supposed to be good, because she thought it was great writing, but aaahhhhh!  How embarrassing!  I do not find pleasure in my own writing!  So, this week we have to write a short story.  I am having trouble with the plot, but perhaps it will work it self out.

2. Math
I am doing Saxon Algebra 1 this year.  I never was good at math, but I am determined to get an "A" this year.  We are still in review, so it is pretty easy, almost fun! I can't believe I said that!

3. Spanish 1
Spanish is very fun and I am learning lot.  We are even learning some songs, but I wish we could learn hymns instead of the praise choruses because I only know 5 of them in English!

4. Art
I am in advanced art this year, but I can't say that I am really advanced.  It is very fun.  So far this year we have done 1 1/2 canvases (we are working on our second), a watercolor, a one-point perspective pencil drawing, and some chinese painting.

As a side note, I finally got a battery charger for my camera, so get reading for some pictures!


  1. Wow. That's a lot of school!

  2. You have been tagged. Go to my blog to see.Now I'm off to see the VP debate.

  3. Yes, but I wish I could have taken a history class. I have never taken a history class in my entire life! eeekkk! My younger brother knows more than me! Ha! Ha!

  4. HA. As your Mom, I am very proud of you. Sorry I haven't read that story yet. History? Why don't you do the History of the World I and II that we have downstairs? It should be easy, and then you can teach E when she gets a little older.