October 2, 2008


I have been Tagged! Yippee! Hey, I have a right to yippee, it is my first time being tagged!"Lucie" has tagged me, so here are the rules:

If somebody tags you, you have to tell 6 random things about yourself, then tag 6 other people. Then, you have to tell your tagger. (It's also a good idea to tell your tagged people)
Some of the many random things in my life...
1. I LOVE to play dress-up
2. I disdain make-up
3. I am a flop of an actor (no drama for me!)
4. I Do Not drink coffee (sorry Jesi:)
5. Both of my grandmas are avid and great quilters
6. I love to play Ultimate Frisbee
So......  I am going to tag
1. My Mom at Organized Everyday
2. Jesi at My Point Of View
3. Elissa at Proverbs 31 Maiden
4. Erin at Erin's Artistic Exprissions
5. Lizzy Brown at Tinker Girl's Blog
and last but not least...
 6. Ashly at Ashly's Blog
Ok, can't wait to see how you all are random too!
I didn't know how long this would take!  I have already missed half of the VP debates!


  1. Oh, neat! :D Thanks for tagging me...and for your sweet comments on my blog! :)

  2. Thanks for the tag! I've done it! ;) Again, (as I said in my post, :P) thanks for following my blog! :D

  3. Great job! Love those random things about you!

  4. Hey, I just posted my tag, thanks for tagging me.