October 12, 2008


Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but there isn't anything to post about unless you like hearing about my very boring life. So I will post some things that have been heard around the house lately...and try not to complain about school.

Earlier today when it was quiet, I was reading all of your blogs. Then I decided to tune in to the "Emmy station". Let me explain. Emily usually just blabbers about nothing, so I have learned to tune her out. She was tucking her doll into a blanket on the chair before she went "shopping" with her favorite cart.
"Now go to sleep Susie, and don't worry, I'll be right back. I'm just going shopping, so don't get scared."
I thought that was really cute. Something that was also said today, actually, earlier tonight, was from my Mom. This doesn't happen that often, but when it does it is funny. We were talking about buying Fireproof on a DVD, and mommy was doing her menu plan on the computer at the same time. She was asking for meal suggestions and somebody said chicken-pot-pie. My mom then, who was trying to be part of 2 conversations at once said...
Before she knew what she said everybody was laughing. But my Mom has such a good sense of humor, good ole' Moms! Lets here it for them.

In other news...My Dad goes to Chicago tomorrow and stays till Friday, actually, Saturday. My Mom is going to stay there with him on Friday night, and go around in Chicago on a date on Saturday. So we are by ourselves Friday night.

P.S. Costume progress to be posted soon...


  1. I think we should call chicken pot pie: chicken proof. Funny. Your life.. boring? Hardly! You live here don't you. Mommy

  2. Lol. My sisters are a lot like that, except they're usually outside in their own world. ;) Can't wait to see the costume!