December 5, 2008


Recently my brothers had there solo recitals. They did a really good job and only had minor mistakes. All of the students at the Rockford College Music Academy had recitals, and all that I heard and saw were very poised and did a good job. The last photo is of my Dad, my brothers and I at the Church where my Dad, brother and I sung Handel's "Messiah" with the Rockford Choral Union. Hudson and Nathanael were ushers. It was really a blessing to be able to sing the Messiah, the lyrics of which is all Bible verses. We did not get any pictures of either the Saturday or Sunday performances, Sorry. :(
Jamie playing "Gavotte" by Luly
Hudson playing "Hunter's Chorus" by Von Weber
Nathanael playing "Perpetual Motion" by Suzuki

(L-R) Nathanael, Jamie, Joanna, My Dad, Hudson


  1. Oh, wow! I've played all of those songs on the violin! (minus "Messiah.") I've always loved "Messian."

  2. Neat! I play the Violin and Piano. I would like to play the mini Cello. Thanks for following my blog!