December 11, 2008

We all knew it...

     ...But Rod Blagojevich just confirmed it.  WE OFFICIALLY HAVE THE MOST CORRUPT STATE GOVERNMENT IN THE UNITED STATES! (I live in Illinois for those of you who don't know)  Well, maybe not.  But we are definitely the runner up!  I mean, the nerve!  Trying to sell a Obama's vacant senate seat to the highest bidder?!!  But really, I'm surprised his other dealings weren't caught sooner.  Like, for example, withholding funds from hospitals and charities because the CEO, or someone high up hasn't donated to his campaign recently?  Talk about greed!  I heard this on the radio, so, if it is not exactly true, PLEASE forgive me.

Has anyone read Wuthering Heights By Emily Bronte?  What did you think?  I am reading it for school and have to write a persuasive paper on how Catherine (which one?) brought her fate on herself by her selfishness.  *snore*  What were we talking about?  Oh, yeah, that really depressing book.  Anyway, don't I have anything better to say right now?  Anything I can put a smiley next to?  Yes!  My grandma is coming on Wednesday!  Which means more recipes, pictures, and crafts!

     Oh and one more thing.  Only ONE more week of school!!!!   :-)  [there is your smiley]  I will miss art class, but hopefully I will make better use of my sketchbook.  The above picture is what we have been doing lately, namely school.  Actually, I was supposed to be doing school like my brother is in the picture, but the only thing I wanted to focus was a camera.  Have you ever felt that way?  Ok, before I start writing stuff that has no significance what so ever, I had better sign off.

Ever striving to be a proverbs 31 young woman,


  1. I know...I was thinking about all my poor bloggie friends who live in Illinois. :( At least he's not your fault. :)

    I laud you that you can actually spell his name!

  2. Yeah, um... I looked it up online. *foolish grin* But since then I can remember how! B, A, G, O, J, E, V, I, C, H. ...I think... :)

  3. Hey Jo-snazz!
    I live in IL too, (Chicago). It was a hard blow about our gov. but you know how they say there's a silver lining to every cloud? Well, here's one for this (i heard this one time at an ICHE homeschooling convention): Because there's so much happening with our government and economy, they really don't have much time to spend digging dirt up on homeschoolers! That's one reason why IL is one of the easiest states to homeschool in!

  4. Sarah,
    Yes, that is a blessing. Since my Dad used to be in the United Sates Air Force, we moved a lot. We were in ND for a year or so and they were really tough on homeschooler there. At least, that is what my mom says, I was to young to care.

  5. Hey! Texas is a good state to homeschool in, too!!!

  6. LOL - how did you go with Wuthering Heights? I'm not a huge fan of WU either, but I did enjoy the last few chapters when Catherine and Hareton get together. I thought they were really sweet. The rest of the book was rather depressing, but in the end, the only two *likable* characters in the book fall in love and live happily ever after. :-) Just lovely. . .

    BTW - thanks for following my blog! :D