December 17, 2008

Snow on your blog

Lucie wanted to know how I got the snow to fall on my blog, so here it is.   It actually works a lot better and falls thicker on wordpress, but I don't know how to do it.  To put it on your blogger site you need to go to this website, and click on the button looking thingy and copy the html that comes up.  Then paste it in a "html/java script" gadget on your layout. So it is pretty simple. I think my mom found it on Blogger buster. Maybe they'll come out with something where you have to shovel your friends blog to read it if the snow if stacked to high...
There goes my imagination! Hope you have a blessed evening!
His mercies are new every morning.


  1. Ohhh! I want to shovel to read your blog!! =

  2. Thanks so much! Sound fun. You should learn html and do the shoveling thing yourself...oh, and don't forget the shovel. :)