May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

   Happy Memorial Day All!
     Today is a day to remember all those who have given their lives that we might have freedom.  Not only those in Arlington, but all over the world.  I have always been especially drawn to the tomb of the unknown soldier, those who's names are known "only to God".  Something about the not having any earthly person know, only God.  Its a secret in a way I guess...a mystery.  These men and women gave their lives for our country and deserve to be honored and remembered.  On Saturday mornings my father and brothers go to a local mens Bible study that meets at a restaurant.  Recently a german fella has started coming.  My Dad told me that he said he was so thankful for all we did, invading Germany in all.  If we hadn't(with the allies of course :) ) made that shove on D-day and stormed Normandy beach, eventually liberating Germany, he would not be here now.  His family would still be stuck in Germany.  
     We take this day to remember those who died for our freedom, but there is a greater person who died for our freedom as well.  The Lord Jesus Died that we might be free, it is so big that we remember him every day, particularly on Sunday.  Lets take the time to thank Him and remember him as much as we remember our other heroes.  And remember to always show kindness to our veterans, for in some cases, it was probably only a miracle that saved them from being remembered today.  Lets show them we care.  If you know any, go visit them and talk to them, listen to them, you might actually learn something. :)  Ok, so enough blabbering right?  If you've made it this far in the post I congratulate you, you are one dedicated reader!  Thanks so much. :)

I can't wait till we cut the watermelon!  I love watermelon!


  1. Happy Memorial Day to you as well!
    May God be with you!

  2. I like your new header! It's... bubbly! : D

  3. Oh, I know there was a accomplished, but I didn't like the A&E version of P&P so I wasn't going to use one of A&E Elisabeth...I know absolutely CRAZY! =D