May 30, 2009

Photo Contest Pictures

These are the pictures that I am entering into Hannah's contest.


  1. Hey Joanna!

    Good, I'm glad you liked the earrings! I am still working on getting them to look a little better!

    I know you mentioned about an etsy. I was actually thinking, is there a way that two people can share one? I was going to ask you about doing onw together? you may or may or may not want to. Just let me know!

    Much Love,
    Hannah Paige

  2. Very neat pictures! It is hard to decided which I like the best.

  3. Both photos are great! I especially love the first's such a neat angle and makes my mouth water for pineapple! lol

  4. Thanks guys.

    I really liked the second one, but I only took one picture of it. They say you're supposed to take like a hundred pictures, then just save the good ones. Oh well. :)

  5. I really like this last one! : )