May 14, 2009

Pictures from the ball

Is everybody ready?

     Ok, so this ball was not all it was made out to be, but it was still fun.  Last, no, two Thursdays ago at our co-op's academic fair some people stayed late and learned Ms. Hannah's modified version of the first dance in P&P 2005.  So one, two, skip a few we get to last friday.  After a very dainty dinner (tea party type thing) all those who were there and would like to be examples to come up on stage.  Of course, I volunteered.  As it turned out, everyone who was up there had the same partner that they did the week before.  This was the most fun part.  After this was up basically all they played was country and some other stuff that I can't even name.  At any rate, I DON'T DANCE TO THAT KIND OF STUFF.  Thankfully, no one asked me to dance.  We went to the dance with some friends from our chapel who also go to Hallstrom.  It was a Hallstrom only thing, so everyone there was home-schooled and, supposedly, Christian.  I say supposedly because, well, some of them aren't.  That is very plain.  However, our co-op is supposed  to be a Christian co-op.  Oh, well.  There were and are some very nice Christian families that go there.  After dinner my parents stopped by to see us all dressed up, so that was nice.  I truly am sorry I didn't get a lot of nice pictures, some of these aren't even mine.  Anywho.... Enjoy!  I'll post pictures of just my dress at a later date.
Jamie (my brother who doesn't and wouldn't dance but went to a ball anyway.)
Our group. (Carolyn, Jamie, Moi, Shawn, Shannen)
Carolyn, Me, and Shannen (the photo forces me to use bad grammar.  What an excuse, I wonder if it would work in real life... :))

Our table, minus Shawn (whos taking the picture)
Andrew, Jamie, Rebekah, Joanna (me), Shannen, and Carolyn
Hannah, the dance instructor
Jamie my dad and I
Shannen and Shawn Lesko
Ok, so I was tired of pictures, what can I say?  I'm NOT photo genic
A general lack a guys 
Andrew and Jamie.  How did they ever put up with such torture?  :-P
Listening to instructions
On the stage from left to right: Bethany, Bea, Me, Matthew(my partner), Gabe, Michael, Justin
5, 6, 7, 8...
Waiting for the music


  1. Sounds like you had a great time! My brother and sister went, and had a good time too!

  2. that dance would've been so cool to learn! my brother's wouldn't have gone! =D


  3. Yes, I like macro! =D from what I understand Gaelic morn is done by celtic women.


  4. I made a blog:

    I'm looking for Christand girls who would like to become authars and share their faith, so please tell all of your christan friends!
    And I'd love to have you as an authar.


    P.S. If you would like to become an authar please go to the site above.

  5. Yada, yada. I noticed that you can't say anything mean about your posts. You only have funny, interesting, inspiring, or me to.....? You have to change it up!

  6. Looks like y'all had fun...BTW, your dress is beautiful!! :)

  7. okay, so about Faith around the world...
    you just be posting about things you'd like people to pray for, ways go has shone in your live (and others), stuff like that...

    If you have any more questions please comment on Faith around the world.

  8. oops, I was accidentally signed into my sisters account (I don't know how!) that comment that says "Marissa" that was actually "Megan"