May 20, 2009

Thank you Awel!

Thank you Awel Prince for the Awards!
For the sake of time, each award is only going to two people.  Sorry!  I love all of your blogs!
Against the flow award goes to...
Zoe Faith - Joyful Sounds
(even though she's not blogging currently  :)
Pepper Darcy - Pepper's Inkwell


  1. He, he, mom would like me to post once a week ; ) So,

    Can you give me a link to the Jane Austen current moods? : )

    thanks for the award!

  2. Your welcome for the awards! Right now though, I feel sorta like the Lady of Shalott "I'm half sick of awards! (and tags!)"

  3. I found current moods, but how do you use them on blogger? : / I can't figure it out! COuld you give a tutorial? if it's not too much trouble!

  4. To Whom it May Concern;

    On April 12 the Young Ladies Christian Fellowship permanently removed me from any participation on the site. Since they have chosen to publicly state no further ties or affiliations with me, I decided to also make a public statement.

    For my full statement please visit this page on my website:

    Please pass this statement on to anyone you know who has been a YLCF reader. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

  5. Awel,
    Oh, me too, me too. They can get tiresome.

    I just added a link to the right side of my blog that will take you to the site. Unfortunately, there is no trick to getting them to work perfectly. You just have to take the photo off their website every single time you want to use it. It gets annoying. Then you just upload it like a picture. Hope this helps!

  6. Thank you SO much Jo! I've saved them, and I sent the link to a friend through twitter! : D Thank you!! Too bad they don't just have an html that you can put in your thingy and it's a dropdown menu!