December 28, 2011

Carolyn + Philip︱Engaged

Hello all!  I hope you aren't sick of photo posts. :-)  There IS sewing stuff coming, I promise.  A couple weeks ago Carolyn and Philip and I braved the gelid weather to get some engagement photos. :-)
Carolyn is in our local church, so we've known her for quite some time.  She and Philip just got engaged this past summer/fall.  They met over 10 years ago at a Bible camp! 

Philip is a medic in the army and just finished Boot Camp recently.  Carolyn is in nursing school.  They may not get married for another two years yet because Carolyn is still in school, but I'm so glad they decided to get pictures.  Wouldn't you want pictures is you were away from your fiancé for months at a time?  I know I would.

Check out the boots. :-)  Army issue.  I'm an "air force brat," as they call it but I don't participate in the rivalry between USAFA and West Point...ok, sometimes, and just in a joke.  Having family in the military and/or going into the military has given me a great appreciation for all military personnel.

Carolyn, you have gorgeous eyes!


  1. I love picture posts. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks for posting...Phillip's family goes to the same chapel as us and I've been blessed by his sister, Hannah's, friendship. You captured some really neat portraits! =)


  3. Joanna-
    Yes, we do know Katherine and Renee... I think Annie mentioned it, but no problem. =) Blessings!!

    Joyfully in Jesus,