December 25, 2011

Preston Family

 Meet Grace!  Grace brought her parents up for a weekend at our house in early December.  :-)  You may recognize her, or at least her mother from her mother's blog, Humble Beginnings.  Jenny first came to our house about a year and a half ago and we had a blast.  This time we got to meet her husband and cute little baby!

 And of course, we had to take pictures. :-)  They were only here for a weekend and we had lots of activities planned so all of these shots are just around or in our house.  Enjoy!

Gracie, you are gorgeous. 

Check out the above dress!  Gracie's grandma made it all by hand. :-)  Isn't it gorgeous? 

 I love the expressions we got out of Gracie.

Thanks so much for letting me take your pictures!