December 8, 2011

Soda Shop Angel

This fall our Homeschool co-op put on the play "Soda Shop Angel."  It was my first play and I think it went pretty well.  I got to know the people in the cast better and I learned a good deal.  It was set in the 1550s, so I made a poodle skirt (Post on that sometime in the future).  Before the play we also acted in skirts.  Since this is a picture heavy post, though I'm not posting even a quarter of the photos I took,  I'll be adding a page break...Enjoy these backstage pictures!

Getting ready!  

Yes, two of them have their eyes closed.  I know.

Not sure what they were doing here.

Stage makeup is such a bother in my opinion.  UGH.  I took almost a week to get all the eyeliner off!

In character for their skit. :-)

Marissa, Mark, Jacob, Zach
Nate, Emily, Mark, Hudson

Marissa, Anna, Julia (remember her form her senior pictures?)

Anna, Victoria, Joe, Andrew, Jami, Marissa


Zach, Nathan, Mia
Mo. :-)

Dan and Jami & Mo

Poor guys.  They had to put pomade in their hair and slick it back. :-)  My brother wore a hat, so we got to avoid that mess.

Ricky and his Gang and the camera man
Andrea and I
Thanks Braydon for taking the picture!
Andrew and Lucy

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