December 27, 2011

Grandma like "Woah!"

So, my sibs and I pretty much have the best grandparents ever.  One in particular, Grandma Judy, is extreme.  Have you guys seen the first Hoodwinked?  (I haven't seen the second one so I can't recommend it)  It is pretty neat and one of the main characters is "Granny,"  or "GGG," as you find out later.  BTW, you say that "Triple G."  :-)  For a while my older brother has been calling my maternal grandmother "GGG" because she is so cool and it just stuck.  Recently, my brothers showed this Julian Smith video to my grandma and she kinda took a liking to it.

Julian takes some getting used to and his humor style isn't my thing, but he does have some funny videos. Check out "Handbag" and "With Child" for some laughs.  Anyway, she bought the guys gansta hoodies for Christmas, so we had to take a picture. :-)  Grandma is being "righteous" and reading her Bible. :-)

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