December 8, 2011

Stevenson Family

This is the Stevenson family.  They have got to be the cutest family ever!  Wow.  I almost died of over-exposure to cuteness that weekend.  They have 6 kids and another on the way!  Mr. Stevenson came to speak at our church and the family stayed at our house.  On Sunday afternoon (before lunch, which was not a good idea :-)  those will little siblings will understand) we stopped by a field on the way home and took some pictures for their Christmas cards etc.  Enjoy!

 Father/Daughter sweetness!  It was a bit windy.

It's Coco!

 It was windy.  Otherwise they wouldn't have been facing the sun.... Oh well.  


Caleb!  All the girls want the new baby to be another boy. :-)

Kels!  So cute!  I got some terrific smiles out of her just in our home.  I shall have to share those sometime...

Hope!  Now the big responsible sister, but I knew her when she was Kelsey's age!

Did I mention it was windy?!  
How can you resist so much red hair and freckles?  Thankfully the girls didn't ask me to do to much, because it would have been SO hard to say no!

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