March 11, 2012

Purple Travel Dress

The long awaited travel dress post!  Here tis'.
Pattern: McCalls 5752 (I test drove it on my Mom's cruise dress)
I used two knit remnants that I picked up at a fabric store in a Chicago suburb.  Sorry, but this was 9 months ago. I'm still playing catch-up. :-)

I lengthened it at least 6 inches and widened the bottom for more flexibility.

 I'm so glad I test drove it, because I am much taller than my Mom.  As the pattern is written the skirt would have been uncomfortably short on me.  I needed this dress to be comfortable because I was making it for travel.  I was going to Portland for two weeks and then catching a late Saturday flight, red-eye connection, two hour bus, and going to church immediately after I got home!  I needed to wear this dress for 36+ hours and it had to be presentable on Sunday. :-)

Some call it chaos.  I call it creativity.

This is our old living room by the way...It got completely revamped while I was away.  Post to follow?

Thanks Than for taking the pictures.  We experimented with some new poses, but I'm a terrible model and the faces he captured this day were quite varied. :-)

The pattern features a cross-over bodice with raglan cap sleeves, ruched sash/waistband area and an optional draping sash.  The sash is not tied, but sewn on.

 I wouldn't normally use such a wild print in personal clothing, in fact, I was going to use a lighter shade of purple instead, but I'm glad I didn't.  It really adds interest, even though you can't really tell that it is gathered.

 From the front you can't tell that there is a collar piece, but it looks really cool in the back. :-)

 Shoulder seam and ruching at waist.

 The bodice pieces are gathered and the waistband is rather oddly shaped in the front.  

This is the day I left Portland.  Tiff, Ashley, and Jacob were the remaining hostel dwellers. :-)

Have a nice day!


  1. I love the dress, Joanna! Have you thought about starting a sewing business? I would totally be one of your customers. =)


  2. That's a great dress! I'm just finishing up my first knit project (behind the times!) and I think I've fallen in love. I'll have to look up that pattern! Is the belt separate or attached?

  3. The belt is attached, but the hanging parts are optional. :-) Knits are so comfortable.

  4. The belt is attached, but the hanging parts are optional. :-) Knits are so comfortable.