March 31, 2012

Gabe [Class of 2012]

Gabe goes to our homeschool co-op.  Our families have been friends for a while, but we didn't really get to know them until we started a Youth Leadership Program through Toastmasters international.  They and another Hallstrom family joined us and eventually helped us start the Eloquentia Gavel Club.

Gabe is also a photographer.  So we talk about lenses, bodies, and flashes with my brother Nathanael over lunch at co-op.  He also like woodworking and tried to teach everyone in the Eloquentia Gavel Club to juggle.  Nice try Gabe. :-)

Nice shoes! ;-)

Congrats Gabe!


Nathanael came as my assistant on this shoot and took some pictures of his own while carrying my stuff, which is great, but he was also distracting my client. :-)
Here are a couple he took of me.


  1. You’re such a gifted photographer! Oh I also love Joanna’s pictures too.:)

  2. Thanks Victoria! You're to sweet. :-)

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