March 31, 2012

Graduation Dress [Inspiration Phase]

Hey guys!  As some of you know, I graduate form high school 1 1/2 months.  Many of my friends have asked me what I'm going to wear.  As part of our co-op's ceremony I'll be wearing a black cap and gown but I can wear whatever I want underneath and I need a dress to wear at my grad party.

-a twirly skirt :-)
-cool and breathable.  I'll be under a robe and then at the party it could be hot and I'll be dancing.
-sleeves; I don't want a strapless or sleeveless but I don't want the sleeves to be bulky in case I have to wear a shrug or cardigan

Picture inspirations from Pinterest. :-)

Dress elements:  I'm liking graduated tiers or layers...

or should I have gathers?

Knife pleats?

or aline/circle?

I have no idea how sleeves will actually look with this type of dress... Maybe something like this though?


I absolutely LOVE these earrings. :-)

A brown belt would be really nice for graduation or general use afterwards, but I don't think I want to wear one at the party.

Blue/Navy/Gray/cream/perriwinkle/light teal/aqua

That spectrum. :-)

Thoughts?  What did you guys wear?  Did you make it?

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