October 25, 2012

Awkward & Awesome Thursday: cinq

  • Walking through a cornfield with a heavy ladder in a white shirt and denim skirt.  The white shirt was more gray when I cam out and my legs were red and brown, but it was worth it. :-)  I discovered a "smallish sort of wilderness" and Lady Catherine DeBourgh would say.
  • Walking down the road with said ladder and model friend when 3 guys drive by honking their horn, swerving, and laughing hysterically.
  • Sending a client's photo CD at the post office and having the lady who was serving me say as she gave me my receipt "Hey, he's about your age, he's pretty cute!" and nodding toward the guy at the register next to me.  I had no idea how to reply so I broke into my really huge embarrassed grin and left expeditiously while shaking my head.
  • I actually thought about wearing shorts over tights today.  Yikes.  That isn't even cool. Why did I want to do that?  Must be all over Pinterest.
  • Because I've been sick and nothing really awkward happened to me. :-)

  • Going out on unexpected senior shoots!
  • Getting re-inspired to shoot
  • CP Navigate.  It is part of my schooling but it is really getting me to think through everything.
  • Half of my best friend is coming this weekend!  Can't wait to see Kara again.
  • Going to a Bonfire at a friend's house and actually having a blast and talking to people. :-)
  • Getting some sewing done even though I'm to sick to move. :-) Yay for audiobooks, needles, and thread!
  • This song:  Life is beautiful by the Afters.  Pretty awesome, no?  It makes me cry, and worship, and laugh, and sing and relax.


  1. I loved this post! Great song by the way. Oooh... the guys driving by in the car... totally awkward. And the post office episode, lol!

  2. Awkward + awesome posts are definitely a favorite of mine to read. Haha. =) I saw October Baby for the first time recently at a last-minute sleepover and that song was playing on the menu before we watched it...by the time we actually started the movie, we had the song practically memorized. :) Blessings!! :)

  3. Awkward moments. . .They must have some purpose to life, or we wouldn't have them. What the purpose is, I'd sure like to know.
    Great post!