June 9, 2008

Home! Sweet Home! (Vacation 3)

We had an amazing time in D.C. But with only 1 1/2 days, it is impossible to see everything, however, we did see almost all the memorials. We saw(and touched) the Washington Monument, but did not go up in it. We saw the White house, but from around 500 yards away. We made it to the National Archives, but there was a 2 hour wait and we had to be somewhere else in an hour and a half, so we did not go in. We went to the Library of Congress. Did you know that there are two libraries of congress? We got mixed up and went to the wrong one first, it is mainly conference rooms and offices. So we went across the road and saw the old one. Part of National Treasure 2 was filmed here.
We did not see everything, but it was still really fun. Here are some of the hundreds of photos that were taken. Enjoy!
Corinthian pillars on the Archives of the United States of America.
Library of Congress from the outside.

Architecture in the Library of Congress.
One of the many interesting ceilings in the Library of Congress.
Flag and the Washington Monument
Here are some flags that surround the Washington Monument.
A long way up...
National Archives
Lincoln Memorial under construction. (bummer)
Washington Monument and the reflecting pool.
(more construction)
Statute of Abraham Lincoln
Water Break
Vietnam Memorial
Central fountain at the WWII Memorial.
"Sunglassed" brothers under our state at the WWII Memorial.
One of the may inscriptions at the WWII Memorial.
Lincoln Memorial
Staring at the sky from the Lincoln Memorial.
"Freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want, freedom from fear."
Than and Emmy in front of a moto of FDR.
Kids at the FDR memorial.
~Jefferson Memorial~
Statute of Thomas Jefferson.
Staring at the sky from the Jefferson Memorial.


  1. These pictures are spectacular. I love your photographic perspective. It is a work of art.