June 10, 2008

Vacation 2

In Philadelphia we were very privileged to have our own tour guide, Mr. K. He has a history major and made Philadelphia very interesting. He also accompanied us to Valley Forge. Valley Forge is where George Washington and his men camped during the winter for 1777. Valley Forge is huge, it was picked because of the ease with which they (the colonists) could watch the the british (who were down in Philadelphia). This winter was not the coldest winter, but because of the lack of supplies and disease, Washington lost over half of his 12,000 men. Later, in the spring, Baron Frierich von Steuben came from Europe and drilled the lagging group of men into a well working army. There is a statute of his likeness now erected in Valley Forge to remember him. In Philadelphia we went to one of the first cheese-steak stands, it is called "Pats Steaks". People say it is the best. They were pretty good. Part of a movie was filmed at Pats, it was "Rocky". There was a plaque on the floor showing where he stood. After that we went to see the Liberty Bell. The Liberty bell was really cool. But I never realized how small it actually is. Well, it isn't that small, but I always that that it was gigantic!
Here are some more pictures!
An original "Philly Cheese-Steak"
Order line
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Have you tried parking in Philadelphia?
The Liberty Bell
Centennial bell in Independence Hall.
Independence Hall
Statute on Philly.
The valley of Valley Forge
Welcome center
Hudsonhornet and statute of George Washington.
Helping with the building.
A remake of one of the cabins George Washington's men would have built.
Family in one of the cabins.

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  1. These pictures of Philedelphia are wonderful. I have not been there but your pictures inspoire me to make this a vacation spot. The cheesy steak looks positively gooey!