June 15, 2008

Vacation 5 - Waterbury C.T.

After our visit with family, we headed down to Connecticut for the end of the year GNOM surge.  GNOM is "Good News On the Move".  It is a group of young men that go around the United States sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ every year.  There were kids' clubs, door-to-door outreaches, and car washes.  Along with the other outreaches there were things for believers to do as well, such as, hymn sings, ultimate frisbee, and stuffing seed sower packets for the next day.  On the Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of that week there were also meetings at the hotel on things like, "Can I trust the Bible?", "How can I know my future?", and "Does God care when I suffer?".  One of the speakers was in the Twin Towers on 9/11, he had lots of stories and was very interesting.  The other speaker was a well known author and actually started the "Good News On the Move" (GNOM) Bus.  It was very fun and I met a lot of new people.


  1. Jo that sounds like so much fun. I still think it was great when they came to church though. See ya.

  2. That was a fun time. I love the photo montage.
    Put a comma after the dependent clause:
    After our visit with family, we...

    A period goes after Move". It ...
    Kids' clubs (the apostrophe is after the s because there is more than one child.

    Keep writing!