June 11, 2008

Vacation 4-Connecticut

Happy 2nd Birthday Wo-Wo!
While we were in Connecticut, we celebrated my cousins 2nd birthday.  He is so cute, and he is just learning to talk.  It was very fun.  We also got to see our grandparents.  <- Here is a picture of him.
We stayed at our grandparents' house when we went to Connecticut.  They live in W. Simsbury, which isn't super industrialized, but still, it didn't prepare me for what we saw.  There was a big black bear in their back yard!  Two days earlier, when my grandma was having breakfast on the porch it walked behind her and brushed the back of her head.  This bear had been seen all over the neighborhood.  When we called the police, they said that they were not going to do anything about it because it hadn't hurt anyone.  Hhmmmmm.......

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  1. That was a huge bear! Thanks for writing about our vacation, JO-snazzer. Can I tell the world you are turning 14 really soon??