June 16, 2008

Vacation 6 - Homeward Bound

Yes, those are tornados.  Now you are probably wondering why I have pictures of tornados here.  I have put these pictures here because the last couple of days of our journey we were either driving through a tornado watch, or, delayed by a tornado warning.  It was quite exciting.  At one house the power went out quite often.  Thankfully the temperature was not dreadfully hot, because we had to cook on the grill and eat outside.  We never saw a tornado, but the wind was very, very powerful.  


  1. Do you think that tornadoes are cool?
    I would have a heart attack and most likely die if I saw a tornado. If there is a tornado coming at my house please inform me to go to the basement so I can't see it.

  2. I think tornadoes are cool when you watch them on T.V. but not in my front yard. LOL. You are doing a nice job with this blog, JO. Keep up the good work.