July 26, 2008

More Reading

   The last two books I read were by Christopher Paolini.  The first book is Eragon. it is the first book in the Inheritance Trilogy.  Christopher wrote it when he was only fifteen.  It is about a boy named Eragon who finds a dragon egg and becomes a dragon rider.  Being only a farm boy he has a lot to learn, but in the end he defeats a Shade, and in doing so helps the Varden win their battle with Galbatorix's Urgals.  
His second book Is called Eldest.  In this book Eragon goes to the Elves secret capital of Ellesmera in Du Weldenvarden to complete his dragon training.  While there he finds that his elf friend Arya is actually the princess and heir to the elvish throne.  Oromis, an old crippled rider who teaches Eragon teaches him a lot about magic.  But will it be enough to defeat the  old rebellious rider Galbatorix,  and free the empire of his nasty reign?

The third book in the Trilogy is called Brisngr.  I comes out on September 20, 2008.

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