July 28, 2008

False Coin, True Coin

     Another one of the books I have read this summer is False Coin, True Coin, By Lois Hoadley Dick.  False Coin, True Coin is a fictitious book about a girl named Cissy Nidd.  Mr. Nidd is a jail keeper, but on the side, he and his family make false coin to pass in London.  In the jail there is a Christian man named John Bunyan, he is there for going against the church of England.  Mr. Nidd is determined that Cissy will marry a certain man.  Cissy doesn't want to, she is already in love with a highwayman friend of her brothers, Gill.  Ordinarily she could just say no, but this man knows about their passing false coin, if she refuses, he will tell and the whole family will get in trouble.  Life gets really rough,  and just when Cissy is about to end it and jump in river, she hears John Bunyan singing in his cell and thinks over what he said about Jesus.  Instead of suicide she runs away to London.  While in London she lives through the plague and the great fire of London.  Eventually she accepts Jesus Christ as her savior, but with a warrant out for her arrest will that change things? 
   It is a really exciting book, I read the whole thing in one sitting on a car trip!

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  1. Awesome, new header!! You rock, little woman. Neat book. I'm so proud of you. Should I link you to my blog?