September 6, 2008


     Well, school has started and I can finally walk again.  This year I am taking 5 of my classes at Hallstrom.(a homeschool co-op)  One of which is art.  Art is my favorite class.  I am not very good, but I enjoy it.  I like painting, but I don't have a favorite medium.  I also like doing Landscapes, but I am trying to become better at portraits.  This past Tuesday, we were studying some of the history of art, then we started copying some of the icons painted in the byzantine era to a canvas.  The faces of the people in the art were mostly expressionless during this time.  The picture on the right is almost exactly the same one as the one I chose to copy.  I don't really think that it is advisable to try to portray the Lord Jesus Christ, because it could distract from our truly seeing him.  At least, it is rather distracting for me.  We don't know what he looked like, I am sort of pretending it is just a regular family. But I am learning some about shading with color, how clothing lines look, and more about paintings faces, so I think this project will be nice anyway.  


  1. Hi Jo. Nice post. I like to hear about what you are doing in your classes.

  2. Good point about not having pictures of Jesus.