July 30, 2009

Impulse Hair Cut

On Monday we went to the EAA Air Venture Air Show in Oshkosh. It was pretty fun but we got rained out. (post coming soon...) That night we stayed at a friends house and had a blast. Well, the next morning Kara and I were just talking with the Moms and my grandma, and the subject changed to hair. I mentioned how I was planning to donate some time, and Kara's mom said that Kara really should get hers cut as well, because it will grow
back healthier and stuff like that. Kara wasn't so sure. So my dear mother, bei
ng who she is says "How about you both go and get it done now? Go rustle up one of the boys to drive you to town." So an hour later we're in the shop, getting our hair cut. I had enough to donate 10 inches, and still have it about 2 1/2 inches below my shoulders, and Kara took probably 6 inches off. Enjoy the pictures! I'm really happy with the way it turned out, and Kara (against her better judgment :-P) loves it to pieces.


The hair that got shipped off...

How I wear my hair now.

Doesn't she look so much older?


  1. Wow, your new haircut looks great! That's so neat that you donated it! :)

  2. Hi Jo!
    Wow, what a difference a hair-cut can make!
    Your new hair style is so pretty and suits you very well!
    Your friend Kara has a lovely style, too!


  3. I love the look! I think that impulse hair-cuts are the best because you are usually surprised.

    I've donated my hair two or three times... since you have to have it so long, it feels that much shorter when you cut it off!

  4. You look pretty both ways, but I love your new cut. And I can say that "cuz" I'm the mommy of the prettiest little 15 year old in the world.

  5. You look great!!! Wow, to be able to cut off ten inches and still have it below your shoulders. I'm not sure my hair is long enough for that yet, but it'll be there soon!

  6. I really like it! I never have had really long hair but I do know that after I got my longer hair cut several times, my hair was thicker and more healthy.