July 5, 2009

A Summer Skirt

This was an incredibly easy skirt. Only 3 pieces of fabric, some thread, a zipper, and a hook and eye. McCalls pattern 4258, letter d. In fact, the hardest part about it was getting decent pictures! I'm very picky and vain about pictures of myself. Its a very sad character flaw indeed! Doesn't mean you won't enjoy them however, so here they are. Courtesy on Than, with just a teensy bit of help.


  1. What a pretty skirt! And the pictures are great!!! :D

    The skirt looks very light weight and PERFECT for the summer!

    Love and blessings,

  2. My mom made khaki skirts for us using that same pattern! (or something very very similar to it. It was a two-piece-of-fabric bias skirt)

  3. How beautiful! My favorite pictures is second to last. :) Thanks for sharing!
    In Christ,

  4. Thank you for the comment on my blog. That skirt is very pretty, you did a wonderful job making it! God Bless!

  5. Yes, its so pretty! :-)


  6. Hello Jo!
    I saw your blog on Miss Hannah's "Trusting in His Love" blog and I really enjoyed seeing some of your neat sewing and skirt photos and ideas!

    You did a really nice job with this skirt!

    Where do you get your other skirts? I would enjoy a post about it! Thanks!
    Joyfully in Jesus, Elizabeth