April 2, 2012

Josnazz ~ The Special Project!

I’m going to Europe!
Yes!  It is true.  This June I will be going to LONDON and PARIS with IPS’s PhotoEx.  It is still sinking in as I write this.  You see, I learned about this at the beginning of this year and could hardly sleep that night just thinking about it, but then I found out I couldn’t go.  It was hard to let go, but I did.  Then about a month later, out of the blue Jocelyn contacted me and said that there was one girls spot left and they would love to have me go with them!  WHAT?!  I prayed about it and my parents prayed and finally we took the plunge.  I am SO excited.  I’ll be spending a week with some new friends in London, and then I’ll have 9 glorious days traveling all over and photographing Europe with IPS.

Ok, as if just stepping on on English and French soil were not enough, I’ll be going with a group of the coolest Christian photographers I know!  I already know the instructors Rowan and Jocelyn, but on top of that 4 of my friends from Portland will also be going!  Yippee!  So now on to the special project.

As you know, travel, especially overseas, is expensive SO I was wondering if you all could support me!  I’ve reopened my etsy shop: Josnazz!  I’ve made many new items and I’ve titled them after the places you are going to help me see!  So, by buying say the earrings titled “English Channel” (one of my favorites) you will be helping me go actually see the English Channel!

I haven’t finished listing all of the jewelry pieces yet, but I’ll be adding new ones all the time.  Please help me out by spreading the word out my shop.  If you want to feature it on your blog then I’ll give your readers a special discount. :-)
As I add new pieces I will post images and the story behind it to my jewelry blog: Ornamental Inspirations.

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