April 18, 2012

Andrea {Class of 2012}

 Meet Andrea!  I only met her at the beginning of last school year, she is quickly becoming a good friend.  Her family was new to our homeschool co-op and she was in my drama class.  I think everyone is drawn to her.  She has such a contagious laugh and beautiful smile.  She is the oldest in her family and has only one sister, so she brought her along and we got some pictures of them together.

I took my little sister along since her sister Rose was coming and I think they had fun following us around. :-)  We went to Jarrett Prairie Nature Preserve for her pictures.  I hadn't been there before, so I was a little on the fly for locations, but it worked out beautifully.  There was one ravine/gully area (behind Andrea in the first photo) that was absolutely stunning.  I'm planing to do more there in the future.  It was so dramatic looking.  

It had been sunny and warm all week until today.  It was cloudy, cool, and extremely windy.  Even though it threatened rain we decided to go for it.  I'm so glad we did!  The cloud cover was perfect and the wind gave us some beautiful hair action, even if it was really annoying at times.

Andrea was such a good sport the whole time!  We climbed through wild raspberry bushes (which have thorns, in case you were wondering), fields, and walked quite a deal.  Oh, and she went numb is various places. :-)  In between practically every shot she threw on a warm fleece sweater.

I loved all of her outfits too.  Great styling!  Oh, and I love her hair too.  ;-)  I'm probably going to get mine cut in a couple of weeks so I'm keeping this in mind.

It was so hard to pick out which ones to post on the blog.  I'm sorry if I post way to many.  I try to upload smaller photos so they load quicker.

Drea, you are gorgeous!

So classic.  I love black and white.

Congrats Andrea!  I had so much fun taking your pictures!

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