April 15, 2012

In remembrance

Exactly 100 years ago.
April 15, 1912 at 2:20am

the Titanic sank.

Today I heard someone tell how the radio man on the titanic was informed about the iceberg.     He was overwhelmed with personal messages for passengers and when a voice came on the radio saying "beware, ice in the water ahead." The man simply snapped:

"Shut up, I'm busy."

Shut up, I'm busy...and hundreds of people die.  Shut up, I'm busy...and hundreds are swept into eternity.

It is so sad.  Yet how often do we say or think the same thing to our conscience or the Holy Spirit.  We are urged to share the gospel.  To help that old lady out, pick up the bottle that the mom of three toddlers just dropped, smile at the homeless person downtown, to hold a door open for someone who is exhausted, give up your seat for a pregnant lady may not save them from dying, but it will show the love of Christ and maybe change that persons day.  Come on, is it really that hard to relay the message of the cross?  Or are we to busy with personal messages and life.  Our actions scream "shut up, I'm busy."  And they are heard.  They are heard.  What are the consequences?  

At dinner tonight with some friends I learned a new term.  YOLO.  I'm sure all my hip blog readers already know what this means, but for those who have their noses stuck in books like me and don't know the latest lingo, it means "You only live once."  It is being used as an excuse to do silly stuff.  You know, like hailing a taxi and then walking away.  Yolo!  It was described to me as an excuse for people who aren't dumb to still do dumb things.  ANYWAY, that is what it means: "You only live once."  

I submit to you that since we only live once we should use the fleeting vapor of a life that we have for the things that really matter.  Yeah, be silly, have fun with your friends because that is going to build relationships, but while you're doing that remember others.  Go out of your way to be kind and share a little of what Jesus gave you with others.  Yolo.  And guess what, that person you just helped only lives once too and they might not live very much longer.  Their lives might be about to end because somebody was "busy."  So in remembrance of that great tragedy that happened 100 years ago, lets not get caught up with nothings, let's remember why we're here, who we serve, and how great he is!

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