April 13, 2012

Graduation Dress [The Plan]

I ended up completely changing my plan three times with 2 different color palletes.  I guess the plan is made to be deviated from, n'est-ce pas?  All of my sketches were great ideas, but they would take LOTS of time and money, so they were scrapped.  I only have a month, so here is what is planned now.

 I will be using Butterick 6467 for my dress. View c with a modified neckline is the plan and a straight waist seam.  Fabric allowing, I am also going to widen the width at the bottom so there is more twirl and running room.  :-)  I am also changing my original inspiration color palette.  I really love grey, but it is a hard color to find and perhaps a bit more dressy/mature than I want to be for graduation.  Plus, I might be able to wear the same dress to our Spring Banquet for co-op which is Titanic themed.  Anyway, my color now is a grayish purple similar to the Anniversary cruise dress but more grey.  Look up Purple Mountain's Majesty in Crayola crayon colors. :-)

I bought 2 yards of Joann Fabric's Project runway ruched sort of knit.  I was originally thinking ruffled fabric like this steel orchid from ruffledfabric.com but it cost a ton + shipping and was 40-50 in wide, which means I have to buy more.  At Joann's the fabric I got was 50% off, I didn't have to pay shipping and it was wider (57")!  Cost for 2 yards was $18.

I was a little apprehensive about putting a knit on the bottom because it stretches and might not be dressy enough etc. So I "talk myself in, talk myself out, I get all worked up and then I let myself down..." ok, thanks Michel Buble.  Anyway, I decided that the awesome color and texture (which adds a bit of dull shine) was dressy looking enough and it would be SUPER comfortable.  If I have to wear that black robe and crazy cap (that really limits up-do hair possibilities) I can at least be comfortable and elegant.  So, the knit won.  Here are some pictures in different lights.

For the bodice I plan to use a coordinating silk polyester shantung.  I might dress up the bodice with some beading too.  We shall see.  That is the plan!

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