April 11, 2013

Awkward & Awesome Thursday: treize


  • Remember when I matched that older guy at Toastmasters?  Yeah?  Well, we've matched the last 3 times I've seen him as well. This is REALLY starting to get awkward.
  • Parking crooked
  • Being sick and not having the energy to talk with your friends, so you sit there silent and somewhat moody.  My poor friends.
  • I'm taking campaign pictures for my Brother and his friend victoria downtown and somebody walks by and offers to take a picture of all of you. Analyzing outfit...homeless "Thank you, but I'm just taking pictures of them today" and I can't afford to have my camera stolen today "It was very nice of you to offer!"
  • Almost getting sworn off this old guy's property for simply ringing his doorbell and politely asking a question.
  • Not preparing to play the piano because you forgot that you signed up... then taking requests and completely botching one of the hymns.  Why do they still want me to play?!
  • Thunder and lightning.  Rain is fine, even delightful at times, but nothing is more soothing than rain WITH thunder and lightning.  Be still my heart.  I love it.
  • Bible studies.  Sunday night bible studies in particular.
  • Starting to shoot again!  I was so happy on Saturday and Sunday because I just went out and shot.  I was super rushed, but I just did what I could with the places I had and it was amazing.  
  • My friends.  
  • Jane Austen.  That woman was brilliant.  
  • "Something I Need" and "Preacher" from One Republic's new album Native.  So catchy.
  • Passed my Western Civ 1 CLEP
  • It's been raining steadily all week
  • Working on College Algebra


  1. Will you show us your latest pictures ? I can't wait ! And I also have a question (poor french dummy!) what is Western Civ 1 CLEP ?
    Anyways, I can't relate to the fact of being sick and silent...Thankfully the last time it was 2 months ago...Maybe was it the last time for this season ?! I hope !
    Have a fantastic day !

    1. Hey Marie!
      Of course! For my schooling I'm taking a series of tests called "CLEP" tests. (College Level Examination Program) Instead of paying lots of tuition money and spending lots of time in class, I just study on my own for a couple weeks and then take the CLEP test. It is like just taking the final exam for a class. If you pass, you get the college credits! It is pretty awesome.

      This test was on Western Civilizaiton 1, from "prehistoric" times to 1648. Western Civilizaiton 2 is 1648 to modern times. :-) Basically a huge history test.

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I was looking around here and it seems like we have some things in common here! You've got yourself a new follower.