April 17, 2013

Unadulterated Life

"Life is the messy bits."

There was an article floating around about not instagramming your "perfect life."  People put their best foot forward on the web.  It just happens.  In a sense it should happen because nobody wants to read you complaining about your horrible life, but no one wants to try to live up to your perfect life either.

Well, I'm not sure how I appear on the internet because only you can tell me that.  We do not live spotless lives around here.  There are a lot of mistakes and a lot of stepped on toes and a lot of grace.  GRACE.  What a lovely sound.  

We're just sinners, saved by grace.  To make my point, I thought I'd practice my freelensing and show you what our house is like today because, hehe, yeah, it was a BIG mess today.  Among other things we've replaced both our broken stove and our old fridge.  These installations took more time and effort than we anticipated and no one has energy to clean after a job is finished at 11pm.

Our old, and new, fridges!  Quite obviously still in construction. :-)  Look at that missing drawer!

Old broken electrical stove, and new gas stove!  Still getting used to the way it cooks...

There are books, scissors, glue and miscellaneous craft materials all over the living room floor from last minute project boards for school.

Furniture was moved quickly out of the way for the appliances and is left wherever is landed.

There are crumbs left from baking adventures...

and dry goods strewn all over the dining-room table, just waiting to be relocated.

There are dishes left undone.

So just in case you thought we had it all together... we don't always.  And that is ok.

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  1. I hadn't noticed the missing drawer until you mentionned it ! But I've read this article too and I appreciate the effort that some honest bloggers/instagrammers (like you !) are putting in showing the real side of life ! I tend to have this struggle too, and getting the most beautiful picture for my blog, ediing and making it look nicer...But honesty definitly is better !
    Have a blessed day !