April 8, 2013

Casey Rae ❘ Spring Portraits

Wow.  It has been forever.  I haven't posted a photo session here in months.  The truth is, I haven't taken photos in months.  Just after I started my education with CollegePlus! I went through a 3 month period of life re-arranging.  Spiritual formation.  Future evaluation.  Purpose.  Basics.

I've learned so much about myself and what God has for me.  During that whole time I didn't shoot hardly at all.  When I did my heart wasn't really in it.  Now I've come to a "spring" in my photography and a renewed passion for creating, capturing, and remembering.  On Friday I went out and shot some promo photos for my business with some friends and had an absolute blast.  I'm looking forward to challenging myself with new things!  Enjoy these portraits of Casey that I took. :-)  You may remember her as my first photography client EVER!  I took her senior pictures 1 1/2 years ago.

I'll leave you with my favorite. :-)

For more, check out the album on facebook


  1. I'm glad you're back to photography ! You're really good at it and I love the result ! Did you do any editing at all ?
    I love the portraits...Her face is beautiful and you captured it really well !
    Have a blessed day !

  2. Beautiful! I love the lighting and the gorgeous, soft tones throughout. Someday I'm gonna have to have you take some pics for me.... whenever we see each other in person. :)