April 24, 2013

Peggy - Olive Knit Dress

Hey all!  Yet another sewing project for you all!  I know it is hard to believe, but I do actually have quite a life outside of sewing.  God has been so good.  Not only am I able to study full time with CollegePlus!  but I can meet with friends, study my Bible and devote time to prayer, but I also get to do extra-curriculars like sewing!  I've stopped waiting for the future and started living.  And it's great.

Pattern: Vogue 9668, view A
Supplies: The fabric was a gift from my dear Grandma Judy!  Thanks gram.  It is a beautiful mossy green interlock knit from Joanns.  It is medium weight and the drape is perfect.  I love it.  I'm so in love with kints right now. :-)  Oh, and she bought me thread, but that is it for this project.  Fabric and thread.

Right after I finished the dress I threw on a brown belt and some brown pumps, some lipstick and rolled my hair back.   It looked like I had walked out of the 40's.  The green color and the silhouette immediately made me think of Peggy from Captain America.  So maybe sometime this summer after my haircut I'll do a styled shoot with my Dad's old dog-tags.  We'll see.

The pattern is originally sized for weaves and has a zipper in the back.  To accommodate the knit I just cut the bodice back and waistband back on the fold.  I also cut the skirt front and back on the fold.  Knits just don't drape as well with seams in them. :-)

The drape is just perfect now.

The bodice, sleeves and waistband/midriff are fully lined with the same knit fabric.  It is pretty thick, but it is stable and warm.  These pictures we taken in the shelter of the garage because it was raining/sleeting outside and I would have gotten soaked.

My favorite part: the neckline!  It is so feminine.  I raised it an inch or so so that I wouldn't have to worry about it and I love it.
My least favorite part: The empire waist seam.  It is too high and just looks and feels awkward at times. The wide waistband is definitely getting smaller next time I make this.  The proportions are off.


  1. Beautiful dress, Joanna! I love the color and the style!

  2. That is a show-stopper. Really, could it get any better than this? The color, the cut - and it looks like the most comfy dress ever! Beautiful, beautiful work as always! I'm looking forward to your Peggy-inspired shot:)

  3. it's lovely ! Though I can't wear green (it makes me look kinda sick) I wish I could still this dress from your closet ! And I agree on the neckline, it's absolutly gorgeous and elegant !
    Blessings !

  4. I'm here from Fresh Modesty - I had to come over and find out more about the green dress. Thank you for sharing the pattern number! I'm such a newbie at sewing but I think I must give this a try - I've been shopping for a short sleeve dress but they're so hard to find.