August 7, 2011

IPS - Portland, Oregon

I'm in Portland!  Or, depending when I can get internet, I'm in the airport, or Seattle. :-)

For the Next two weeks I will be attending the Institute of Photographic Studies!  I SO excited.  IPS is a group instructors that is not only passionate about their Lord Jesus Christ, but about photography as well.  They offer many different classes ranging from the basics, to photojournalism, to videography.  Their "campus" moves all over the U.S. and to certain places overseas for PhotoExplore.

I will be attending Prizewinning Photography 1 (the basics) and Prizewinning Photography 2 (more advanced everything and editing).

Pray for safety as I am flying by myself for the first time, staying away from home without anybody I've met before, and being gone for 2 whole weeks. :-)  Also, this isn't just photography we will be learning about.  The point of the workshop is to bring us closer to God through photography.  Learning lots of awesome skills and making lots of new friends; seeing new places is just the icing on the cake!

Here we go!

Meanwhile my family is tearing up my house without me. :-(  Oh well.  I'll be really surprised when I get back!

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  1. yeah! Can I have some of those tearing up the house photos? You can throw them on flickr, if you prefer.

    Glad you are having fun!