August 13, 2011

PWP 1 : Days 1 & 2

Hello Everybody!
I've survived my first week at IPS and loved it!  Every morning we had a "life moment" session where we sang and watched a leadership video by Jeff Meyers.  Then we would hop straight into the instruction sessions.  They were taught by Rowan Gillson, Jocelyn Gillson, and Andie Haugen.

Day 1

PURPOSE: Why am I taking this photo?
AUDIENCE: Who is it for?
EMOTIONAL IMPACT: How can I visually stimulate the viewers' emotions?

We learned about camera settings, but shot in Priority Mode with almost everything in auto.

Our assignments for day one had to do with our instruction in composition.

 Rule of Thirds : Leading Lines : Depth

 Repetition : Unity : Framing : Shape

And most importantly, FILL the FRAME! :-)

Day 2

Tuesday we talked about ISO, Depth of Field, and Shutter Speed.   Today we shot in Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority Modes.

 Depth of Field

 Blurred and Stopped Motion
 Panning.  Harder than it looks!
 And I won the "exuberant" challenge with this picture. :-)

Everyone here is crazy about photography, it is so fun. :-)

Warm and cool tones


  1. Awesome! I would love to take a photography class. :) Love the photos!


  2. Joanna, I really enjoyed getting to know you this last week.

    I really like your pictures. I can't wait to see the pictures you get next week!