August 14, 2011

PWP 1 : Day 4

Day 4
And a shoot!

This morning we walked out to a park to take more portraits.  We had a shot limit of 50 and every picture we took would be printed, so we had to be especially careful.  Amy and Luke were in my group today.
 Head and shoulders front and 3/4 views of Amy.

 Luke in the Mills pose.

After this shoot we took an IPS group picture and hung around until we decided where to go to dinner.  On the left is Jeanette, another of my roommates.  She is sporting permanent marker art curtesy of Canon Peter. :-)  Amy, on the right, shows some national pride. :-)
 Ashley 2 gets some Peter art. :-)

This is Jocelyn. :-)  She is one of the instructors and SO much fun.  Here she is with her bug-eyes and more Peter art.  

Back Row: Nic and Christi
Middle Row: Jeanette, Moi, Ashley, John
Front: Amy, Ashley, Peter 

After dinner at Little Big Burger we went to the "Tea Zone" and got (for many of us) our first bubble teas!  They were fantastic.  I got a mango one with coconut jellies.

Later we worked on some macro photography

Enjoy!  More coming soon...


  1. I really like the ring picture!

  2. It looks like you are having a blast!

    Creepy thing that shows how small the world is: apparently one of my FB friends who I met through CollegePlus is there with you because you were in one of the pictures! I was like "Wait... I recognize that person!" :P I just thought that was funny.

  3. Thanks Christi!

    Kelsey, how neat! Who is it? Talking with some of the girls here we thought it might be Nicolas... is it?

  4. I know - it's so cool! The world is so small! It is Amy G.