August 22, 2011

PWP 2 : Days 1-3

Day 1
Lightroom 101
Light quality and direction

 Today we were put in teams of two and told to take 10 pictures to put on the wall of a local coffee shop.  A flash had to be used in every photo.  John and I did fairly well, getting paid 750 out of 1000 dollars. (Fake checks of course. :-)

Day 2
LR develop module
Location Portraiture

 Today we learned more about lightroom and successfully edited some of our photos.  The bottom two directly above were edited, for example.  Then we learned more about posing and went out in teams to shoot.  Jake and I were partners.

Day 3
Light and flashes

This is Tiff.  She might kill me for posting pictures of her, but she is so pretty that I'm gonna risk it. :-) 

This is Ashley.  Wow.  No matter how you shoot her she still looks good!   

Today we learned about different kinds of light and applying flash knowledge to portraits. I was teamed up with Tiffany and Ashely for our studio shoot.

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