August 16, 2011

PWP 1 : Day 5

Day 5
All things digital
and Business!

Over lunch today I worked on more macro photography.

Then came the goodbyes!  You all were SO much fun!  Here I am with Amy G.

Later, we were invited to Jocelyn's parents' home.  Thank you SO much Mr. and Mrs. E!  I had such a good time!

Amy and Sarah say farewell.

Abby, Christi, Sarah, and I

Bonfire and Scotty roasting a marshmallow. Wow, marshmallow is spelled really funny.

We sung hymns and praise songs around the fire and then more goodbyes. :-(

Sarah and Rachel are on the right.  I don't have a picture on my camera of Rachel and I, but someone else does...I hope. :-)  She is SO much fun.

More on our crazy weekend to come!

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  1. Cute pictures! I love your macro photos, they're so soft and beautiful in their own way. :)