August 14, 2011

PWP 1 : Day 3

Day 3

Light Quality
Exposure Compensation

 For our morning assignment today we worked more on exposure and motion.  We went to one these many SUPER cool fountains in the Pearl District not far from where our hostel and the classroom are.
Moms and their children come and just play in here instead or going to a pool or beach.  

Later we worked or Portraiture and and went out in teams to practice.

The is "Canon" Peter.  There are two in the class so we have to distinguish between the canon and the nikon one. :-)

 The Mills pose...

After class some of us went to the park and kept practicing.

 This is Ashley.  She is so much fun and lives on the bunk bed above me. :-)

This is Amy. She is SO photogenic.  I love taking pictures of people who are so positive and patient, even though they aren't used to using our US dollars. :-)

This is John.  He and Canon Peter are also at the hostel with us.  They are kind enough to escort us girls to the downtown 10 PM.  Yeah.

Tonight, instead of going out to eat, all of us at the hostel decided to make dinner.

We mad rice and chicken and stir-fried some veggies.  It wasn't to bad. ;-)  

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  1. Admiring all of your great photos! I would so love to take a photography class--the one you're taking sounds like so much fun. :)